At Maiolica, we believe that the modern day calls for a personal touch in luxury ceramic tableware. When laying the table for your guests and closest ones, you’re preparing to share with them one of life’s most intimate, special moments.
It’s for this reason that our selection of handmade, authentic, ceramic pieces are chosen to bring skilled Mediterranean ceramic tradition so effortlessly into a Middle Eastern setting.

Maiolica believes that everything on our tabletop serves a purpose. That purpose is often practical and it’s often aesthetic. Most times, our ceramic tableware fulfils both practical needs and aesthetic desire and we strive to find this perfect harmony. It’s for this reason that we share with you the finest in artisanal tabletop pieces that strike the balance and create a magical energy in one of your home’s most important spaces.

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Glass butter cup

98.70 AED 69.09 AED inc. VAT

Glass Cakestand with foot 26×11

172.20 AED 120.54 AED inc. VAT

Glass Cakestand with foot 29×11

551.25 AED 385.88 AED inc. VAT