Elegant pieces with an inimitable character at the soul of each accessory – Maiolica Online’s table accessories for the home infuse your kitchen and dining spaces with expressive, exceptionally-refined handmade options. From vases to tea light holders and, each piece showcases luxurious expertise.
Our range of authentic table accessories exudes a charismatic spirit for your Middle Eastern home, stemming from the cultures of the Mediterranean, expertly handcrafted in Italy and Portugal.

A home isn’t complete without those little touches which bring warmth and enchantment to each and every living space. Sometimes, it’s just something that catches your eye and makes you crack a smile. At other times, it’s a personal gift from a loved one who knows you better than you thought. At Maiolica, our table accessories display our sentimentality, our practicality, and our passion.

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Decanter glass

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