The Art of Maiolica is your luxury home décor choice in Dubai

In 2018, a duo of Italians, their hair the colour of the sun, founded MAIOLICA – An online oasis established in Dubai where those with a palate for sophisticated, distinctive design will find that authentic and modern touch in home accessories. For lovers of superb design, Maiolica curates the finest of boutique brands that are made in Italy and Portugal, bringing it to those with a passionate, earnest eye for design in the UAE.
Maiolica is about functional art – By curating its collection for Dubai with the purpose of showcasing the crisp tones and vivid patterns of Mediterranean tiles, Maiolica creates a cultural savoir faire by enhancing those shared geometric patterns of both the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

We treasure the essence of the Mediterranean Sea for our luxury products – the countries surrounding it, with Italy at its centre, have been energised by the sea and its cultures, birthing traditions of exceptionally refined, handmade products with a zesty, yet rustic soul.

When homes are decorated with the beauty of history, demonstrated through generations of perfected cultural tradition and merged seamlessly with modernity, Maiolica distinguishes itself as a home décor shopping experience. Removing the hassle that comes with shopping in-store, we’ve journeyed to meet masters of their craft and inspired artisans who create spirited pieces. It’s this artistry and energy that we offer to our customers – become enamoured with your home once again.

Maiolica online endeavours to showcase the finest in luxury home décor

At the heart of it all is the characteristic passion, perception, and eye that this Italian pair possesses and it is these very qualities that are inherent in each and every piece that Maiolica offers. A collection with a soul of this nature creates a smoother, more engaging home décor e-shopping experience. This is a haven for design and culinary enthusiasts, interior professionals, or anyone with an appreciation for expressive style to marry the lived experience of the UAE with exclusive Mediterranean design.

Maiolica’s vision is for you to express, create, and delight in your own sanctuary.

Those dream-like, enchanting lifestyle spaces featured by premium interior brands and influencers is attainable. The magic is tangible and the vision can become your reality – Maiolica’s home accessories e-shop in Dubai helps you along the path to that charming, luxurious home.

If our heart doesn’t feel it, we don’t stock it – our online range features authentic, hand-made products. It’s a projection of our passion for fresh, distinctive, functional art. These products originate, mostly, from our founders’ home of Italy, as well as other parts of Europe. All our products share one thing in common – handmade, with an entrancing sentiment for design and refined craftsmanship. Maiolica is where traditional design meets innovative, raw concepts – this is your alternative in elegance and style in the face of mass-produced homeware.

Mediterranean Decoration – A History through Art

The Renaissance period gave rise to a distinct, Italian, tin-glazed pottery – Maiolica (also called Majolica) was born. Their crisp, light aesthetics stem from the intricate decoration of colours on a white background. When historical and mythical scenes were illustrated on such a background, the world saw a phenomenon known as istoriatio (“painted with stories”). This charming, airy take on pottery was popularised across several cities in northern and central Italy by the late 15th century, where sophisticated pieces were then being produced for an exclusive market in Italy and beyond.

The name itself suggests that it has roots in the medieval Italian word for Majorca – an island past which trade ships sailed while transporting Hispano-Moresque wares from Valencia to Italy. Sicily, at the time, was known to be a home for Moorish potters from Majorca – and so the Italian mainland, by way of Caltagirone, was introduced to what eventually became the pottery called Maiolica.

For almost as long as humans have existed, a mixture of clay and water was invaluable in helping us to create vessels to contain, transport, and store what is most precious to us – water. Since this clay mixture was porous, the Egyptians were the first to develop an effective technique of glazing. The technique of glazing spread to the other peoples of the world, out of the Mediterranean, and is still in use today. The Greeks began to call this glazed clay “ceramics” (from κέραμος, kéramos, which means “clay”, “potter’s land”) – it defined clay-based objects which were refined and different from the Egyptians’ invention of siliceous enamel glazing.

About Us – The Maiolica Duo

“The Middle East has been my professional home as an interior architect for the past decade. Allowing my academic background and personal mindset to complement each other, there’s one thing about a specific product that draws me to it – it must be extraordinary. Since moving to the UAE, I’ve realised that extraordinariness is an elusive quality to find in a product, especially one which provides a personal, unique touch to each living space. Appropriately, I looked to my home. As an Italian and an aesthete who belongs to two generations of craftsmen, I felt the necessity to source high-quality homeware for the local UAE market. That was my mission. That was the birth of Maiolica.”

–Marianna Piccolo

“The idea of Maiolica came to me when trying to outfit my own flat in Abu Dhabi. The lack of variety in design homeware incited a fear that my home would blend in with the decorations of everyone else, so I began to scour the net for distinct, handmade accessories from the Mediterranean region. This way, my home would become more personal; a place that speaks to who I am. Piece by piece, with each passing day, I could finally begin to love every corner and cosy nook of my all-new apartment. “Let’s stay home tonight” is a something that I found myself saying more often than before. My home became my safe haven.”

–Arianna Posenato

Home. Made. Authentic. Your home’s extraordinary quirks make it worth exploring. Celebrate the interior of your home, create your authentic space and bring it to life with spirited character. Turn your home into your oasis, your safe haven. A home is an experience. Live it. Love it.